do guinea pig need a house in their cage kavee

Are you about to welcome guinea pigs into your life and are wondering how to create the perfect habitat for them? How exciting! If you have already gone through the first critical step of choosing the right cage for your pet guinea pigs, the next one is to arrange their enclosure to suit your guinea pigs’ needs and offer them the best possible habitat. 

do guinea pig need a house in their cage kavee

So, do guinea pigs need a house in their cage?  

Yes, absolutely. Guinea pigs require a place to hide in their cage. In the wild, guinea pigs are the prey of many predators. It’s their survival instincts to shield from potential dangers. Guinea pigs will spend most of their time resting in their shelter when they are not out eating and drinking. Adding a house in their cage such as our fleece hidey or wooden castle fort is a way to make them feel safe and comfortable. If you have several guinea pigs, make sure to pick a home that is big enough for them all, or add several shelters and watch your guinea pigs happily walk from one to the next. Another way to create a safe space is to use corner hammocks or curtains

In conclusion, make sure to offer, at all times, a place to hide to your guinea pigs. Being able to hide is extremely important to guinea pigs, as it reduces their amount of stress and makes them feel safe and happy in their new home. 

two guinea pigs hiding in wooden castle hideout in black C&C cage with red veggies fleece liner

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