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Imagine a guinea pig super spy leaping from a tall building or, maybe a guinea pig talking and asking for more veggies like Oliver Twist? What a world it would be if these things were real: fun to imagine but all fiction! When the weather is bad or you’re sat down for a comfy evening, why not curl up with your guinea pigs and watch a film or read a book about guinea pigs instead? We have done some searching for you and have found some great films and books featuring guinea pigs!

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Fictional Movies about Guinea Pigs

disney g force movie film about guinea pigs


An actioned packed, animated film featuring specially trained guinea pig FBI agents. This film is fun for the whole family as you watch these cute but dangerous pigs work together to save the world. Their missions is to try and stop a nefarious billionaire who plans on taking over the world with various household items and technology. The team is comprised of 3 main guinea pigs: agent Blaster, a guinea pig in charge of the team’s transportation, agent Juarex, a female guinea pig trained in deadly martial arts, and last but not least, agent Darwin, the commander in chief, squad leader!

Also joining the G-force team is a mole, agent Speckles, who is crazy about everything tech. Who ever thought flies could be cute, as agent Mooch, a house fly, sneaks around for the G-force’s surveillance.  Watch as they cute but dangerous guinea pig spies leap from buildings, perform underwater recon, and drive motorized “vehicles”, all over their city!

Tales of the riverbank film about guinea pigs

Tales of the Riverbank

Based on the television series, the Tales of the Riverbank (1972), this show has been made into a film released in 2008 . Tales of the Riverbank is a heartwarming story where three friends go on an adventure together. Due to a vicious storm, GP the guinea pig, Roderick Rat, and Hammy Hamster, are swept down the river causing these three friends to embark on a grand adventure to find their way back home. This adorable film is a mix of live action and puppets. The three small animals can be seen driving a boat, flying a plane, and even in a hot air balloon as they make their long journey back home.

The secret life of pets movie norman the guinea pig

The Secret Life of Pets

Ever wanted to know what your pet gets up to when you’re not home? Find out in this comedic animated movie. Meet Max, a playful, happy-go-lucky dog who lives in a lively apartment building with other pets. One of his neighbors, and also friend, Norman, a short haired tortoise shell guinea pig, who is loveable and at times, reckless, adding for some great laughs throughout the film.

Norman is introduced early on when he is seen entering Max’s apartment thinking that it was his owner’s place. Max sadly informs that he has got the wrong room and Norman goes off again on his search once again, to try and find home through the large building.

Through a series of events, Max encounters an evil bunny rabbit who tries to enlist the group into his “abandoned pets” gang that plot revenge against humans. Norman is among Max’s pet friends who help rescue him from this furry band of badies.

the wonder pets kids tv show turtle guinea pig duck

Wonder Pets (TV Series)

For the smallest of guinea pig loving audiences, Wonder Pets is sure to delight! Sing along with friends guinea pig, turtle, and duck who work together to save the day. This adorable trio travels around the globe in search of animals in danger. With the use of orchestral music and puppetry, it proves to be a cute sing along as they use team work to help others.

Fictional books and stories about guinea pigs kavee blog usa

Fictional Books about Guinea Pigs

Bertie the Guinea Pig (stories) By: Helen J.Aitken

Bertie the Guinea Pig (stories) By: Helen J.Aitken

Discover 12 special stories based on real life pets, with Bertie the guinea pig! Bertie is a noisy, happy little guinea pig who will delight you with fun tales of his life. Available in either audiobook or e-book format. Best of all, all the squeaks, munching and noises you hear are from real life guinea pigs! Great for bedtime stories or long journeys home for younger audiences but also fun to listen to for the whole family

The Guinea Pigs of Brierley Bramble A Tale of Nature and Magic By J.P. Stringer

The Guinea Pigs of Brierley Bramble: A Tale of Nature and Magic (for Children and Adults) By: J.P. Stringer

Hazel, a guinea pig that lives in a garden hutch, longs for an experience of excitement and adventure. One night, when the moon is full and shinning bright, she makes a “moon wish” to have just that. Upon making her wish, the moon magically grants her a grand adventure into an enchanted garden. At night, she encounters magical sprites, and other creatures wandering around. She also makes the acquaintance of two Pomeranians her join along on her little adventure. In this entertaining, heartwarming novel, it will be sure to delight all animal lovers, big or small!

Guinea Pig Classics (Books) By Alex Goodwin

Guinea Pig Classics (Books) By Alex Goodwin

Love the classics like Romeo and Juliet, or the nutcracker? How about Oliver Twist or Pride and Prejudice? In this adaptation and collection of classic stories, find adorable guinea pig starring in leading roles. The guinea pig classics book will enchant you with adorable guinea pig illustrations that will surely enrich these already well-loved tales. Books can either be bought separately or found in a box set collection, making it a great gift for guinea pig lovers.

Never Trust a Squirrel By Patrick Cooper

Never Trust a Squirrel By: Patrick Cooper

William the Guinea pig longs to experience what it’s like outside his hutch. He dreams of a fun exciting adventure and eagerly accepts an invitation from Stella, a squirrel, to come out of his hutch to play. William soon finds out that squirrels are quite unreliable and that the woods can be a scary place. In this story book, join William the guinea pig as he explores the forest all at the result of trusting a sneaking squirrel!


We hope some of these fun guinea pig themed books and films will delight your day! Why not try watching or reading one of them today? We’re sure you’ll enjoy a lot of them, especially with your very own guinea pig at your side.

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