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We use FedEx for all deliveries

There’s no pick-up point option on our website, but you can change the delivery options when your order is on its way. 

When you get the shipping confirmation, simply select the ‘Manage Delivery’ button, so you can choose when and where your order is delivered (within certain conditions). Happy delivery day!

Unfortunately, standard delivery is the only option. Your cage will be with you in a few days.

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We also offer the option to pay in installments via Clearpay for UK customers - thanks for checking!

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Normally, delivery day is in just 3 to 5 working days. Occasionally, your order may be on the road for an extra day or two.

Of course! After you’ve placed your order, check for your confirmation email. Then, as soon as your order is on its way, we’ll send another email with a tracking number.

Then it’s up to you whether you wait excitedly by the door, or play it cool on delivery day.

Absolutely. Once you’ve got your tracking number, you can change the address by clicking on the ‘Manage Delivery’ button. Simple as that!

If you notice the wrong address on your order confirmation straight away, you can also shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to sort it for you.

Oh no!

Please make sure to keep all parts of your order, and send photos of the issues as well as the packaging to we’ll get back to you as soon as piggily possible. Please keep all parts of your order until then.

Some orders are shipped in several parts, so you don’t have to wait too long. The email with your tracking number would indicate this.

You can also double-check our product descriptions if you’re not sure what’s missing.

Please send us an email, describing the problem and including photos at so we can solve the issue for you.

At Kavee, we’re always looking for the best ways to reduce our carbon paw-print. So instead of using paper, we’ve got simple step-by-step videos for you, as well as a digital manual

You’ve got this!

Our refund policy is right here.

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The C&C cage started out as a spacious alternative to pet shop cages for guinea pigs. Recently, bunny owners have discovered C&C cages and found them hopping fantastic.

Always choose an appropriate size and set-up for your pets. Please note that the lofts aren’t suitable for rabbits.

Our C&C cages have extra thin meshing with small holes, so they’re great for young guinea pigs over 8 weeks.

Before you let your small pets loose in their new cage, it’s best to test the cage with them. Just like us, they’re all individuals - sometimes with individually silly ideas!

At Kavee, we strongly believe that C&C cages offer guinea pigs what they need to thrive. Our cages are

- super spacious with lots of room to popcorn

- easy to clean

- adaptable and flexible

- easy to transport

- customizable and fun

Our cages make it easier to be a great pet parent. Take a look today!

With so much choice, it can be difficult to find the right cage for you and your pets. We’ve put togethera guideto the best C&C cage for you!

On top of the cage itself, you also need fleece liners and a few hiding spots, like a fleece corner and hidey, for your pets. The best thing? You can mix and match from our fun designs!

If you want to stay on top of piggy parenting, we recommend adding pee pads and a laundry bag to your order.

While you don’t have to order a cage with a stand, the Kavee Kommunity has found them very useful.

A C&C cage on a stand

- is easier to clean

- keeps your pets away from draughts

- creates extra storage space (for our felt boxes!)

- makes bonding with your small pets a treat

Not quite sure yet? We’ve noted down some more benefits for you.

A lid on your C&C cage can help keep your pets inside the cage and others out of it. If you have small escape artists, in particular rabbits, at home, a lid can save you much trouble.

The lid can also protect your pets from children and other animals, though we cannot guarantee the integrity of the lid in these situations. We strongly recommend keeping your guinea pigs and rabbits separate from other pets and only allowing children nearby under supervision.

Guinea pigs aren’t natural climbers, so it can take them a day or two to get used to their new cage set-up. You can coax them up the ramp with a few treats for their first few adventures.

Kavee’s ramps should be placed at a gentle slope, so your piggies can walk up and down with confidence.

Absolutely! You can buy the panels, door panels, coroplast sheets, and connectors here.

Feel free to reach out to us via if we can help.

You can buy sheets of coroplast to tailor the cage’s base to your layout. You’ll findthis blog postuseful.

Our C&C cages are designed to let your pets experience the world around them. That’s why our coroplast has a low edge - perfect for looking out.

At Kavee, we’re always looking for the best ways to reduce our carbon paw-print. So instead of using paper, we’ve got simple step-by-step videos for you, as well as a digital manual

You’ve got this!

Don’t worry, our cage materials don’t harm your pets. The grids are covered in a special paint and our coroplast is non-toxic.

If you want to stop the cheeky pets from chewing their cage, you can use our nibble guards or swap over to our clear panels.

We’ve got plenty of cleaning instructions, hacks,andstep-by-step video guidesto help you achieve a wheek-y clean cage.

We’re a team of guinea pig and rabbit owners who work hard to bring the best products to your pets. Your pets’ wellbeing and safety is our top priority, and we’ve tested many materials and prototypes to arrive at the cages you can buy today.

Our cages come with a promise of quality you may struggle to find elsewhere. The choice is yours, of course.

Wherever your get your cage, it’s important to avoid

- grids with paint that disintegrates when your pets chew them, so they may accidentally swallow some

- unstable connectors

- thin coroplast that doesn’t carry your pets

- coroplast with sharp edges

- uncut coroplast you need to cut yourself, so it could end up with sharp coroplast

Yes, you can! Make sure to check the size of your grids to match ours.

Kavee grids are 13.8 in long, and our coroplast is cut to fit this sizing, too. 

Write to us at


There are lots of bedding options for your C&C cage, and fleece liners are our bedding of choice.

Fleece liners

- are easy to use

- are easy to clean

- will save you money in the long run

- are the eco-friendly bedding choice

- don’t harm your pets’ airways, unlike other bedding

- are comfortable for your pet

- come in fun styles

If you want to find out more about how they compare to other types of bedding, have a look here.

You can put the fleece liner on top of your coroplast base and let your piggies and bunnies enjoy the soft feel on their feet.

Check out our ultimate guide to fleece liners!

How often you change your fleece liners depends on the size of your cage, the amount of pets you keep on them, and what other bedding you have in your cage.

We recommend a daily spot clean and at least a weekly cage clean to keep your pets nice and dry. Take a look at this blog for more information!


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The Kavee HQ is on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our logistics center is located in Belgium.

Read about Kavee’s story in this interview with our CEO and co-founder, Clementine.

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