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Here’s what piggy pawrents think of Kavee…

My girls love their cage, I like how it feels sturdy and really safe, especially once I added the lid. I've also recently got the stands and adding them up was super easy

- Ava K.

I've always struggled with keeping my piggies home clean but with the coroplast and fleece I can just wipe it and bang the bedding in the wash. Saves me so much time!

- Simon T.

I have three piggies and with this cage they all get so much room to play! I also could fit so many toys and hideys, they're so happy with their new home

- Bethany P.

What's inside?

From our happy piggy checklist to a handy guinea pig weight chart, here’s an overview of what you can find in our care pack.

A look at breeds

Learn more about all the breeds of guinea pigs out there, each with their own personality and caring needs. Discover the differences between adopting skinny pigs versus American guinea pigs, and so on.

Guinea pig diet

What do guinea pigs eat? Uncover the secret to a balanced diet and learn which fruits & veggies are safe for piggies.

A spacious home

Follow our guide to the pawrfect pet palace to learn what kind of cage for guinea pigs is best for popcorns and zoomies.

The cost of guinea pigs

While adopting a piggy isn’t expensive, there are other guinea pig costs that every pawrent needs to be aware of. In this pack, we’ll break down every expense you may encounter for happy & healthy pigs.

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05 FEBRUARY 2024

A guinea pig resting in a cozy yellow blanket.

04 FEBRUARY 2024

A guinea pig wrapped in a cozy white blanket held by a person.

02 FEBRUARY 2024

A guinea pig peeking over the edge of a hay feeder.

01 FEBRUARY 2024

Fluffy ginger guinea pig sitting on a taped cardboard box.

31 JANUARY 2024

Colorful indoor guinea pig enclosure with decorations and a guinea pig visible.

30 JANUARY 2024

29 JANUARY 2024

28 JANUARY 2024