A Day in the Life of Coco, the Kavee Bunny

There are many kritters in the Kavee Krew, and today we’re introducing you to somebunny really special… Coco, the Kavee bunny! Coco lives with her bunny parent Sam, who is a product developer at Kavee and the resident rabbit expert. The sweet bun had an unusual journey becoming hoppy house rabbit, so come find out more about Kavee’s cutest duo, Coco and Sam!

How Coco Met Sam

Sam and Coco are best friends! Pictured are both of them, lying on a bed.

Coco moved in with Sam when her previous carer couldn’t look after her anymore. Coco’s carer contacted Sam, knowing she’s been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. Sam’s response to the call for help? ‘It was a no-brainer to help a bun in need.’ And that’s how their earresistable bond began.

A New Bun-ginning

Coco was originally an outdoor bunny, living in a wooden hutch and run as many rabbits do. The sweet floofs love to dig and munch on hay, so many rabbit parents take their pets outside when the weather is nice.

When Coco joined her new home, she moved into the garage at first. The area she moved to is famous for fox visitors, so Sam was hesitant to leave her fluffy friend in the garden. But she didn’t feel that life in a garage was right for her beloved bunny.

Sam spoke to her trusted vet, and together they decided that Coco would do best as a house rabbit. So our resident rabbit expert transitioned cute Coco from an outdoor rabbit to an indoor bunny - and Coco hasn’t looked back once! These days, she demands her hoomans’ attention by throwing her toys and has even gone on her own Coco adventures (to the great dismay of her bunny parents, who chased after her).

Coco goes on her own adventures! Here, she's at a vet's.

Speaking from her own experience, Sam suggests that bunny parents make this move gradually, but commit to it fully. She’s learned that temperature changes and drafts affect any bun’s wellbeing, so the bun-ginning of the indoor bunny life should ‘not be chopped and changed too much, as the room temperature is important for rabbits’. Even better if you get your vet’s advice!

Coco’s luxurious free-range rabbit lifestyle

Although Coco’s last name isn’t Chanel, she still lives a life of luxury. Coco’s bun mum Sam and her partner Matt make sure she has everything she needs, wants, could dream of… and then some. Coco is a free-roam rabbit, meaning she can hop around her home whenever she likes - a true dream for any rabbit (as long as the home is bunny-proofed)!

Since Coco moved inside their home, her bunny parents think she’s much more sociable - and also happier! The beloved bun is known for her zoomies and binkies (happy hops into the air), showing exactly what she thinks of the transition.

And Coco isn’t the only one who’s over the bunny moon with her move. Sam said she’s learned lots about rabbits since her bun moved in - but most importantly, she’s found a true friend in the small furry. Coco and Sam have become an inseparable duo, particularly with the bunny parent starting to work from home.

Want to find out what a day in the life of Coco looks like? Us, too!

A Day in the Life of Coco

8am: Sweet Coco gets her morning cuddles - a necessity in her books.

If her bunny parents run late, she’ll let them know by causing a racket with her toys

8.30am: Breakfast time!

When she’s done eating her morning greens, Coco likes to bunny-flop from her food coma. Time to rest before the day’s mischief starts.

9am: Second Breakfast

Luckily, the food coma doesn’t last long, because Coco needs room for her bunny nuggets. Another flop incoming!

10am: About Hoppin’ Time!

Coco the Kavee bunny is sitting on a sofa, next to cushions

During the week, Coco keeps Sam company when she’s working. The bunny parent has to hide all valuables and cables from her companion, or Coco’s teeth make short work of them.

Coco is the most active in the morning, zooming around the house and playing with her toys - plus the odd nudge and thump, if they don’t pay attention to her!

2pm: Nap Time

After a full day’s work (of playing and causing chaos), Coco likes to snooze by her bunny parents’ feet. They have to be extra careful when getting up from their desks!

5pm: Call it a Day

When her bunny parents finish for the day, then Coco’s work is done, too. The sweet bunny returns to her bunny room, where she hops around for a bit and plays with the hoomans.

10pm: One Last Round

Who doesn’t get the evening zoomies?! Coco goes for a run around the home just before bedtime, to get rid of those bunny beans.

10.30pm: Late Night Supper

You didn’t think Coco would go to bed without her supper, right? She has some nuggets before she finally cosies up for the night.

Free-Roaming Rabbits - The Future of Pet Bunnies

Coco’s loved the move to the free-roaming rabbit lifestyle, and bunny parents all over the world have started creating a life suitable to their active buns. The key to a hoppy housemate is litter training your rabbits and bunny-proofing your home. You can find out more about the best bunny practices here!

Coco is a free-roaming rabbit, so she's toilet trained.

Top Tips for Free-Roaming Rabbits

Sam has done her research to set up her home perfectly for Coco. After all, she wouldn’t want her cute companion to get hurt - or for the companion to hurt her home. These are Sam’s top tips for bunny parents who want to transition to the free-roaming lifestyle for their buns:

  1. Patience - the key to training any pet
  2. Company - make sure to spend as much time with your buns as you would with a dog
  3. Acceptance - your buns will chew things they shouldn’t, and you’ll get better at hiding valuables
  4. Enrichment - change up the environment your buns live in to keep them busy. I’ve seen Coco walk into a room and not be interested - until we moved things around and rotated toys. Then she got the bunny beans and started exploring!

Coco - A Single Bun in a Sea of Rabbit Relationships

At Kavee, we’re convinced that rabbits and guinea pigs should live in pairs or small herds. So why is Coco the Kavee bunny a single rabbit? A series of unfortunate events have led Coco to preferring the only-bun situation.

When Sam took in Coco, she immediately started researching rabbit care to give her furry friend the best life possible. She set up a bunny villa worthy of sweet Coco, researched the best diet, and transitioned the floof to the free-roam house rabbit life. And when the bunny parent learned about the benefits of neutering rabbits, her vet told her that Coco was already too old to safely have surgery of this kind. Neutering a bunny helps prevent aggressive behaviour and has lots of health benefits - but it wasn’t meant to be for Coco.

Coco keeps busy with lots of toys and exercise.

With this in mind, Coco’s carers were worried about the implications of bonding an unneutered floof - namely, the likelihood of things going awry and even fights breaking out. With the advice of their bunny-savvy vet, the rabbit parents decided to save their furry friend the stress of sharing her territory with another bun and instead shower Coco with attention and love (and tasty treats).

And even though Coco is as hoppy as a clam in water, Sam suggests bunny parents keep their furry friends in pairs or small groups.

Now you’ve met Coco and Sam, you may want to look for your own duo of buns. Remember your furry friends need lots of room, attention, and care, so make sure you can give the floofs a forever home. And adopt, don’t shop!

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