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There are many cages and cage manufacturers out there, but too many ignore the needs of small furries. Since the beginning, Kavee has focused on challenging the status quo and delivering C&C cages that go beyond the minimum recommended sizes, and offer features capable of improving the lives of guinea pigs and rabbits everywhere.

This is how we do things differently:

Simple Build - Every pawrent can rest assured that they can build our rabbit and guinea pig cages without tape, glue, scissors, or any DIY skills needed. Each grid simply slides into the connectors to build their dream pet palace with ease and with no toxic products around.

Spacious & Safe Cages - We pride ourselves on offering large cages for optimal living, ensuring that no furries feel cramped in their homes. Compared to industry standards, our design is extra safe as the small holes and thin meshing prevent baby piggies and bunnies from getting stuck in the bars or making a great escape (as long as they're over 8 weeks old). Plus, our grids come with a non-toxic powder coating to keep every passionate nibbler safe.

Innovative Coroplast Bases - To keep things simple, even our coroplast bases are easy to set up, as they come pre-cut and only require you to slot the corners in to lock them into place. The low edges are designed to give your furry friends a full view of their surroundings, while the round corners prevent them from getting hurt as they run around their cage.

Secure Cage Ramps - Give your piggies more room to zoom without danger thanks to our innovative ramps, designed to sit in at the cage’s mid-height to avoid a steep slope that would be hard for piggies to climb and potentially cause them to fall.

Got any queries or comments about our cages? Feel free to get in touch. We are always eager to hear from piggy and bunny parents on how we can better support you and your pets.


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