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  • Where do you deliver and what is the shipping cost?

    Shipping is free all around UK, including North of Ireland or Isles.
    For other countries, you can check in the table below:

    If your country is not in the list, no worries! We can add it. Simply, contact us and we can sort it within 24h.

    Flag  Country

     Shipping fee (up to 30kg order)

     United Kingdom

    Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man

     £7 or Free (order >50£)
     Ireland  £6 
     Netherlands  £4 
     Germany  £4 
     Italy  £7 or Free (order >50£)
     Spain  £7 or Free (order >50£)
     Greece  £13
       Denmark  £5
     Sweden  £7
     Finland  £8
         Norway  £15
         Czech Republic  £5
         United States  £15
       Canada flag  Canada  £15
       Switzerland flag  Switzerland  £20
       Russia flag  Russia  £15
       Malta flag  Malta  £25
       Faroe Islands flag Faroe Islands  £17
       Gibraltar flag  Gibraltar  £17
     Hong Kong  £20
       South Africa flag  South Africa  £20
       Estonia flag  Estonia  £8
       Lithuania flag
     Lithuania  £7
       Slovakia flag
     Slovakia  £6
       Slovenia flag
     Slovenia  £6
       Romania flag
     Romania  £17


  • How fast will I receive my order?

    In general, we prepare and dispatch orders in 1-3 business day. Then the delivery takes 2 to 5 days, depending on the country.

  • How can I pay my order?

    We accept payments with Paypal or by credit cards. Bank transfer is also available on request.

About our products

        • What are the benefits of Kavee C&C cage?

          The C&C cages from Kavee have multiple benefits:

          1. Roomy & stimulating : The smallest Kavee cage offers 2x more living area than a conventional cage and is in line with the guide line about minimum space required for guinea pigs. Providing enough space to your pet is key to stimulate their curiosity and to promote good life conditions leading to a healthy and happy life.

          2. Helping to build the relationship between you and your pet: Kavee cages were designed to be an open cage to facilitate the access to your furry friend and hence increase the opportunities for petting and cuddle time. When mounted on a stand, the Kavee cage reduces your pet fear coming from you leaning over the cage. Indeed, when the cage is lying on the floor, the distance between you and the cage is bigger and your pet will more easily mistaken you for a predator. Hence, Kavee cages help taming faster.

          3. Modular & Aesthetical: Increasing or dividing a cage, intergrating storage zone, building up a loft : Almost everything is possible thanks to Kavee modular system.
          In addition, you can easily convert an indoor cage into an outdoor enclosure giving a great outdoor break to your pet. For that, you simply need to remove the correx bottom of the cage and place the grids assembly in your garden. (Caution: Animals placed outdoor must always remain under supervision)

          4. Easy to clean: The box shape of Kavee cage bottom allows to easily collect waste when cleaning. It is made of correx or coroplast which is a waterproof and strong material easiy to clean in one swipe. Being an open cage, any point of the cage is easy to reach. Finally, when mounted on a stand, Kavee cages limit bending over, preventing potential back pain. Kavee cages are undoubtedly the easiest cage to clean. And that's a big deal, knowing how important it is to keep the cage clean for a happy and healthy pet.

        • How many guinea pigs in a Kavee C&C cage?

          For 1 guinea pig, we advise to have a minimum space of 7,5ft2 (=0.7m2). Then if you have more pigs, you don't have to increase proportionally as they will share some of the space. So our general recommendation is: 1 guinea pig = 3 x 2 grids / 2 guinea pigs = 4 x 2 grids / 3 guinea pigs = 5 x 2 grids/ 4 guinea pigs = 6 x 2 grids.
          Nevertheless, always keep in mind that more space is better for the well-being and cohabitation.

        • Which pets can be kept in Kavee C&C cages?

          Initially developed for Guinea Pigs, Kavee C&C cages can also be used for dwarf rabbits and rabbits, when fitted with a 2x height of grids and/or a lid depending on jumping performance of your pet. Considering Rabbits needs more space than guinea pigs, it is advised to take 1 size bigger. Kavee loft is not recommended for rabbits.

        • How to arrange my Kavee C&C cage?

          Once assembled, Kavee cages get arranged in the same way as for regular cage. The litter can be made of hamp or fleece cage liner depending on your preference but keep in mind that our C&C cage are more convenient with fleece cage liner. Then you can add a bed, a hamac or a wooden house for the comfort of your pet and some toys to keep them stimulated and prevent boredom. You can find fleece cage liner and bed on our shop or in our partners shop.

        • How to clean my Kavee C&C cage?

          Kavee cages get clean easily: remove the litter or the liner, then collect the remaining waste and clean the correx bottom with a sponge and multi-purpose detergent. Finally, dry out the correx with a cloth and put fresh litter or a fresh liner back in the cage.

        • Should I get a stand for my Kavee C&C cage?

          We warmly advise it and here are the reasons why :

          1. Ergonomy and ease of cleaning
          If, like us, you have back problem, a stand for your cage is a must. Indeed, if your cage is not raised, you will continuously bend over the cage for feeding your pet, interacting with it or for cleaning its cage. On the long run, your back will suffer. 

          2. Taming 
          Did you know that a guinea pig is less scared when being approached, if you stand on the same level. So, if your cage lies on the floor, you look like a predator approaching. Then it is quite tricky to build confidence. Raising the cage will allow your pig to observe you more easily and to get more easily used to your presence.

          3.Space saving
          A stand is a convenient way get new storage space under the cage. Using storage boxes, you could easily store all the stuff of your piggies 

          4.Air flow
          With the cage lying on the floor, your pet is exposed to air flow. Although guineas are resistant, it is recommended to avoid continuous air flow for preserving their health.

        • Should I get a lid for my Kavee C&C cage? 

          The lid is required only if you have dogs or cats at home, or if you live in an environment with some potential hazard for you pet (e.g. young children, ...) or if your pet is a rabbit or a jumpy guinea pig. Otherwise, we recommend to have the cage without a lid to keep the ease of access to your pet.

        • I would like a different C&C cage than what you propose in your shop. How can I do?
          For your custom projects, you can purchase our different components separately: Grids&connectors, bottom correx sheets (3x2 or 4x2), loft correx sheet. Don't hesitate to contact us for advise and help, we are happy to share our expertise with you to make your project a success.

        • Do the guinea pigs use the loft?

          The guinea pigs are not climbers. However they can go up and down gentle slopes. This is the reason why our loft were designed to fit at halft height of the grid, ensuring a smooth slope and facilitating the access to the mezzanine area. Our piggies benefit from the loft to do a bit of exercise. But don't forget that it doesn't complete equal additional floor space and it makes the cleaning a bit more complex.

        • I can build myself a C&C cage by finding elsewhere the material, why should I buy your components?

          Excellent question! At Kavee, we don't mess with safety and well-being of pets. We own ourselves pets and know their needs. We have developed and tested multiple design before commercializing our products. Instead of simply copying existing products, we have added our specific features to our products (e.g. smart correx). How many grids or correx supplier can pretend the same? In addition, our products are all in 1 kits and you don't need to wonder if you will have all what you need to build your C&C cage or if all the components will fit together. We provide full kits ready to use. Finally, we have an excellent customer and after-sales service.

          What can happen :

          - Poor painting quality
          - Connectors with poor clipping performance
          - Correx not strong enough
          - DIY Correx, as good as it gets
          - No advise or customer service

          Customer, Quality and Safety are our values, you decide what you want as home for your pet.

        • I have got already grids from elsewhere, can I buy Correx or grids from Kavee shop?

          Yes, for sure. However, don't forget to check out the dimensions of your grids. Our design is based on grids that are 35 cm square. If you want to validate the compatibility, you can always contact us.

        • What are the dimensions of the Kavee cage?

          The dimensions given in each product description are the general dimensions from a pet perspective (so for the inside of the cage). For the outer dimensions you need to take into account some extra space to accommodate the connectors, 4-2cm, depending on the orientation of the connectors. If you want more information, you can always contact us.

        • Are they any hazard for my guinea pig to chew the grids or the correx?

          As in most of the cages, it can happen your guinea pig chew its cage. However, Kavee C&C cages are ready for this: in the event of correx nibbling, it is safe as our correx is non-toxic and indigestible. Usually they stop quickly doing so but in the unlikely event if they don't, you need to take actions by covering the edges (e.g. with fleece or with plastic slide binder). After a while they stop.

        • Are there any special precautions to take with Kavee C&C cage?

          Kavee C&C cage were designed with care to ensure safety and well-being of pets. However you should know that there are not suitable for too small pets. Kavee C&C cages are not suitable for small pups under 1 pound nor for little rodents (e.g. mouse, rats, hamster). In the case of you want to hold small guinea pigs pups in the cage, you will have to had some wall extensions (e.g. using carton pieces) until they get big enough.

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