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Decorating and customizing your guinea pig cage is the final and most exciting part of setting up your C and C guinea pig cage. C&C cages allow you to create a unique corner for your guinea pigs. It is time to let your creativity flow!

But creating a unique and beautiful place for your furry pets should not have to require expensive or hard-to-find supplies. You can simply use everyday items to polish up your cage.

10 ideas to decorate C&C cages with everyday items

C&C Decoration Idea #1: Garland or Bunting

Another popular choice for cage décor include homemade cage garlands or bunting, especially if you are quite crafty! Simply choose ribbon of your choice and either sew or glue gun evenly spaced fabric triangles (or other shapes) to create a fun piece. Fabric scraps or quilt squares are excellent materials to use! For inspiration, we also offer our very own guinea pig garland, with handmade felt pieces: ready to decorate, no DIY required!

guinea pig garland home decor christmas gift handmade bunting for C&C cage

C&C Decoration Idea #2: Ornaments

As one of our personal favourites, you can also decorate your guinea pig's cage with ornaments! C&C cage meshing allows you to easily clip or tie lightweight ornaments onto the bars in a matter of seconds. You can either handmake ornaments yourself by attaching a hook or ribbon to the object you wish or, as an even simpler way, you can select some of your own Christmas ornaments! For an extra special treat, why not decorate your cage with Kavee's guinea pig Christmas ornaments.

guinea pig ornaments for Christmas tree gift decorations C&C cage decor

C&C Decoration Idea #3: Soft toys

Stuffies are a delight to guinea pigs. Many guinea pigs appreciate their comfort and will curl up next to them for a nap - the cutest thing ever seen. Soft toys can be placed directly in or above the cage on a grid. Check out Kavee's adorable handmade guinea pig soft toy! They can also be fixed to the bars of the C&C grids, using paper clips. If your guinea pigs start to chew them (rare but can happen), remove immediately.  

C&C cage decorated guinea pig soft toy c and c cage guinea pig grid kavee

C&C Decoration Idea #4: Plants 

Small plants are a great addition to a C&C cage. They mimic a natural space - adding serenity and green to the cage. If they are edible for your guinea pigs (such as basil or parsley), they can also serve as a snack too! Be very careful to not place poisonous plants inside the cage of your guinea pigs.

Another idea is to use an extra C&C grid or two to top your C&C cage and create a shelf onto which you can place little cacti and baby plants out of reach of your guinea pigs. 

C&C cage decorated plants c and c cage guinea pig uk grid kavee

C&C Decoration Idea #5: Hair clips 

Hair clips are a fantastic way to add some spiciness to C&C cages. They come in a variety of shapes and colours and can be easily fixed to the grids' bars to create something truly unique. Always remember to keep them out of reach of your guinea pigs! 

hair clips to decorate C&C cage for guinea pigs

C and C Decoration Idea #6: Ribbons 

    Ribbons are a simple yet wonderful way to prettify your C&C cage. Select pretty ribbons to tie on directly onto the bars of the C&C grids!

    ribbon used to decorate C&C cages for guinea pigs

    C and C Decoration Idea #7: Clip-on lamps 

      Anything with a clip can be easily attached to the bars of your C and C cage. That's also true for clip-on lamps. Lighting your cage will create a magical ambience in the evening. There are many ways to add light to C&C cages, such as using LED garlands or clamp lamps. 

      If the lamp seems to create too much heat in the C&C cage, increase the distance between the light and the pen. 

      clip on lamps placed onto guinea pig C&C cages as decorations

      C&C Decoration Idea #8: Postcards & Pictures 

        Why not select your favourite pictures or postcards from last summer and fix them directly to the grids of your C and C cage? Make sure to keep away from little nibblers though! 

        decorate C&C cage for guinea pig with postcards clipped to grid meshings

        C&C Decoration Idea #9: Fancy sticky notes or stickers 

          Everyone knows that stickies now come in a variety of shapes and colours but did you know that some stickies even feature guinea pigs? Here is an opportunity to let your obsession with guinea pigs show by apposing stickers on the coroplast sheet of your C&C cage. 

          decorate C&C cage with stickers for guinea pigs

          C&C Decoration Idea #10: Magnets 

            The modular grids making C&C cages are made of steel with a powder coating. They are the perfect material to support magnets of your choice. Once again, make sure they are kept out of reach of your guinea pigs. 

            magnets to decorate guinea pig C&C cage

            BONUS Guinea Pig C&C DECORATIONS

            Want to make an even bigger statement? Why not go one step further and coordinate your guinea pig's bedding and accessories according to a specific theme! At Kavee, there are plenty of fun designs and patterns to choose from including our rainbow, cow print, piggy mania, geometric, unicorn, floral, and Christmas guinea pig collections. Each collection is available in reusable fleece bedding, storage boxes and soft fleece guinea pig accessories.

            C&C cage fleece accessories for guinea pigs prints and designs cuddle cups tunnels pee pads sleep sacks corner curtain hammock


            There are many ways to decorate your C&C cage on a small budget, with everyday items you already possess. Look for unusual or interesting things you can repurpose. Possibilities are endless! Always make sure to apply sound judgement, to never endanger your guinea pigs with the objects you place in or near their cage. 

            Happy customizing! 

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