6 Guinea Pig Cleaning Hacks I Wish I Knew

Are you in search of guinea pig cleaning life hacks? Learn our best cleaning hacks for guinea pigs to make cleaning easier for you.

Life hacks can be used to simplify and complete everyday chores that are time-consuming and complicated. If you have a guinea pig, you might be wondering, 'Are there any life hacks for guinea pig owners?' 

In spite of the fact that we absolutely adore our guinea pigs, there is no denying that they can definitely be messy! As a guinea pig owner, it is very critical to keep guinea pigs clean in order to protect their health and their general wellbeing. A fresh, clean cage is a sure-fire way to start a pop-corning episode! 

With the goal of helping guinea pig owners everywhere, we have compiled years of pet owner experience and feedback from our guinea pig community, to provide you with tips that will transform your cleaning routine.

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Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #1: Always use a laundry bag for fleece liners

While we love our guinea pigs dearly, we most often have a problem with loose hair, especially with long-haired guinea pig breeds. These pesky loose hairs end up everywhere!

As a pet owner, you will be familiar with the frustration of brushing your fleeces to remove hair before washing, only to find them accumulating in your washing machine drum!

This problem can be effectively solved by using a laundry bag. Place your fleece liners inside the bag before you wash them. This will ensure that all hairs and hay particles will collect in the bag instead of your washing machine.

Bonus Cleaning Tip #1: While your piggies have floor time, you can air-dry fleece liners on a washing line during a clear weather day.

Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #2: Make your own cleaning agent

While it may seem that store-bought cleaners are superior when it comes to cleaning correx sheets, you can use a variety of cleansers to clean them. Because store-bought detergents are expensive, why not use what you already have at home?

Simple solutions include soap and hot water or hot water with a splash of dishwashing liquid. Be mindful when adding liquids of any kind and ensure that they are diluted with water before use. 

Alternatively, if you are feeling more creative and eco-friendly, you can use three parts water to one part vinegar to create an effective cleaning solution.

Due to the fact that guinea pigs are highly sensitive to strong smells, homemade cleaners are not only a good way to save money but are also pet-friendly. 

For additional cleaning tips, read our article how to clean your C and C cage filled with handy tips and tricks for making your cleaning routine more efficient and effective.

Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #3: Organize your guinea pigs' space

Who knew that our piggies had this much stuff? From fleece bedding to cute accessories, not to mention bales of hay, our piggies don't pack lightly!

Rather than negotiating cupboard space, why not add a stand to your C and C cage? 

Keeping your guinea pig area clean and tidy is much easier with a C&C cage stand. By adding our storage boxes underneath the cage, you'll be able to store all of your guinea pig supplies in one place. With our selection of storage boxes, you can choose between many different styles and colours, allowing you to match them to your fleece liners.

You can be confident that your updated guinea pig cage setup will be Instagram worthy and #guineapigcagegoals

Bonus Cleaning Tip #2: Due to the fact that guinea pigs are prey animals, you will find that adding a stand to your cage will help them become less fearful and more confident. 

Check out our blog 4 Reasons to add a stand to your guinea pigs C&C cage to learn more about how adding a stand to your setup can make all the difference.

Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #4: Use fleece pee pads

As a guinea pig owner, you are probably aware of how much a guinea pigs pee and poop. With a diet full of fresh, juicy vegetables and an average guinea pig pooping 100 times a day it is no wonder they go to the toilet so much!

In some cases, when you clean your cage, you may find that your fleece liners are only slightly damp in certain spots. Even though guinea pigs are not toilet trained, they prefer to do their business in corners or certain sections of the cage. 

The addition of pee pads to your fleece liners is one of the most effective ways to prolong the life of your fleece. Additionally, it makes cleaning easier in areas prone to becoming dirty. By placing pee pads in busy corners you can quickly remove the damp pads and replace them rather than changing the entire fleece.

fleece pee pads for guinea pigs accessories for reusable small pet bedding

By daily spot cleaning and removing pee pads from your cage, you will keep it fresher and cleaner for an extended period of time.

Bonus Cleaning Tip #3: Our pee pads double as a blanket for when you have cuddle time with your piggies. Perfect to guard against any little accidents!

Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #5: Multibuy your fleece liners

C&C cages are life-changing- especially for your piggies! As pet owners, we know how important a clean, comfortable cage is to the well-being of our animals. Moving away from the traditional guinea pig bedding of wood shavings, fleece liners really do triumph! 

Despite the fact that fleece liners might seem to be an expensive option in the beginning, fleece liners can be washed and reused over and over again. This is not only beneficial for saving money, but it is also more environmentally friendly as well. Check out our article, 'What is the Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs' C&C Cages?' for a bedding cost comparison.

Although fleece has many benefits, we are all familiar with the hassle of washing and drying fleece liners. By purchasing multiple fleece liners, you are able to change out your C and C cage quickly and easily. Now you will no longer have to wait for your fleece to dry before you can place it in your cage!

Remember to store your clean, dry fleece liners in a dry location, preferably in a storage box to prevent them from getting dirty.

To learn more about the benefits of using fleece liners check out our Why are guinea pig owners swapping from wood shaving to fleece blog.

Guinea Pig Cleaning Hack #6: Cleaning your water bottle

Guinea pig water bottles can sometimes be extremely difficult to clean, even if using a small brush to clean them. When cleaning your water bottle, add a few drops of hot water and a handful of dry rice. Shake the bottle repeatedly, allowing the rice to soak up any debris that is contained inside the bottle. To finish the process, rinse, remove the rice and then rewash with warm water to complete the process. Make sure that all bubbles or dishwashing liquids have been removed before refilling with fresh clean water.

Bonus Cleaning Tip #4: Ensure that your guinea pigs' water bottle is always at the right temperature and that it is filled with clean water each day.

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Having our top tips and tricks at hand, you can be confident that you will be able to clean your guinea pigs effectively and efficiently. 


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