Kavee wins Pet Industry Federation's Online Business of the Year 2021

What is the Pet Industry Federation?

The Pet Industry Federation, also commonly referred to as PIF, is a membership organisation for pet companies that have agreed to uphold a strict code of conduct when regulating their business. This gives pet owners the confidence and peace of mind that each registered business cares for their pet’s welfare. It is also the only organisation to act on behalf of all pet businesses in the industry.

‘We’ve been around for over 60 years, raising standards and ensuring that the people who look after your pets are the best people for the job.’ - Pet Industry Federation 

What are the PIF awards?

Every year, each business registered with the pet industry federation has the opportunity to submit a proposal to a panel of judges for specific award categories. Each proposal that is submitted is then rigorously judged on specific criteria set out by the panel. If selected, the panel will nominate the business to allow them to move forward as a finalist.

What PIF categories did Kavee compete in?

Kavee submitted proposals for 2 award categories: Product Innovation (Small Mammal) and Online Business of the Year 2021. After much consideration, Kavee has been successfully nominated as a finalist in each of the above categories! The Pet Industry Federation announced 6 business competing in the Online Business of the Year category, and 4 businesses competing in the Product Innovation category, for small mammals.

kavee wins pet industry federation award online business of the year clementine and christina holding awards

When was the PIF awards held?

On the 21st October 2021, the Pet Industry Federation held an award ceremony to announce the winners in their 19 categories. Categories ranged from Pet Retail Chain of the Year to Sustainability Award. Two Kavee team members, CEO and Co-founder Clementine Schouteden and Marketing Assistant Christina Schembri, travelled to see the results of the PIF awards ceremony, held in Northampton, England. 

What award did Kavee win at PIFA 2021?

After much anticipation, Kavee was awarded Pet Industry Federation’s Online Business of the Year for 2021. This is an incredible achievement for a company focused on the welfare of small pets, a segment that is often neglected by the industry. 

Kavee guinea pig cages wins Pet industry federation awards PIFA online business of the year 2021

What does this award mean to Kavee?

As a small business of currently 6 team members, Kavee is proud to be named Pet Industry Federation’s Online Business of the Year for 2021! Clementine says: "This award is incredibly important to us as we continue to push industry limits in order to raise the standard for guinea pigs and small pets everywhere. We are sincerely honoured to receive such an award as it continues to reinforce the need for spacious guinea pig cages and safe, innovative accessories. Most of all, we are thankful for all our customers and countless small pet owners around the world because without you, we wouldn't be here today!"

Kavee team wins pet industry federations award online business of the year 2021 guinea pig supplies and c and c cages

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