Kavee has been making guinea pigs happy since 2017. Our lovely team of small animal experts work hard to bring real solutions to piggy parents, so their small pets can live better lives. At Kavee’s core, we are all about animal welfare. And this is how our story started…

Kavee’s Story

Kavee's founder and CEO Clementine has a soft spot for animals. Pictured is Clementine holding a guinea pig.

In 2015, our co-founder and CEO Clementine Schouteden fell head over paws for two of the most adorable animals in the world: the guinea pigs Bagpipe and Livingston. She soon realised that it was nigh-on impossible to find guinea pig habitats that allowed her pigs to be who they are - popcorning, pancaking and all. So she built her own.

As an animal lover from the moment she could walk, Clementine has always cared deeply about their welfare. She was known for picking up any critters that needed a little TLC. And with a PhD in Biology, she had the necessary know-how to build a cage that met her new pets’ needs.

Clementine’s first cage was a wooden invention attached to a playpen for cavy exercise. However, it wasn’t easy to clean and didn’t have the flexibility she needed when her third pig, Efendi the troublemaker, joined the herd. So that’s when C&C cages came into the picture. The grids and coroplast allow piggy parents to arrange their piggy palace to their pets’ needs - exactly what Clementine’s little herd was after.

At that point, Clementine was already piggy mad, taking her furry friends on visits to the park on sunny days, where they’d happily munch on fresh grass in a secure playpen. She had also worked as a management consultant for several years, helping businesses develop strategies to success, so she was ready to start her own woman-led company. Following her struggle to find suitable small pet products, she took the idea of the flexible cages and, after months of trial and error and back and forth with suppliers, Clementine remodelled the cages’ grid size, developed the unique coroplast base, and added their business expertise to the mix. And that’s how Kavee came into being!

When Kavee CEO Clementine couldn't find suitable cages for her guinea pigs, she made her own. Pictured is Clementine sitting next to her guinea pig in front of a C&C cage.

Although the first steps were far from easy, convincing manufacturers to work with a start-up and creating packaging that protected all parts of the C&C cages, Kavee soon had their first order, and then the second, and the third… They just kept coming. And as Kavee’s community grew, so did their offering. From cages in various sizes, colours, and layouts to fleece liners and accessories in stylish designs, small pet owners can find all they need to make their companions’ lives better.

Pictured is a quote by Kavee CEO Clementine.

If you want to find out more, have a look at this interview with Clementine.

Why Kavee?

Pictured are three illustrated guinea pigs in a large C&C cage.

Kavee was built on strong values from the beginning. We aim to help small pet parents care for happy, healthy pets with educational content and exceptional products. Only the best materials are good enough for our little friends, so each of our products goes through several rounds of testing for cavy-savviness.

Pictured is a quote by Kavee CEO Clementine.

From day one, Clementine set out to make a positive social impact with Kavee and uplift animal welfare champions who improve the lives of small furries. We also work with underprivileged communities, including workers with special needs. Every parcel you receive from us has been skillfully packed by a worker with a disability.
By joining the Kavee Kommunity, you’re helping us make a positive impact around the globe!

Kavee Today

Our CEO Clementine wanted to bring high-quality C&C cages and accessories first to France and Belgium, and later to the UK, the rest of Europe, and North America. Today, we ship Kavee products around the world and receive wonderful feedback from small pet parents everywhere.

Our award-winning company keeps growing, with more knowledgeable small pet parents joining the Kavee crew all the time. We’re excited about bringing innovative products to piggy parents that solve real issues, and the pets’ welfare is always our priority. But those who work hard also need to have fun, so the Kavee crew meets from time to time for social events.

Kavee Team group photo b&w

And we don’t stop there. As the Kavee Kommunity continues to grow, we keep up with their lifestyles. Originally a guinea pig brand, Kavee is making the move to other small animal products. First up: adorable rabbits. Our new line of bunny-tastic products has rabbits binky to their hearts’ content. Watch this space for even more exciting small pet products!

Pictured is an illustrated rabbit on a fleece liner.

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