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Choosing a C&C cage is a big step for you and your piggies and is a great way to ensure your guinea pigs have lots of space to move about. Whether it is your first-time hearing about C and C cages or, maybe you wish to learn more about them before taking the plunge, here are the top 10 things you should know before making a decision. A few things might indeed surprise you about C&C cages!

So, lets get started:

1. C&C cages are BIG

C&C cages are surprisingly big! So careful planning is needed before choosing this kind of cage but, they are a great way to provide your guinea pigs with a lot of space. They range from 3x2 grid sizes to a whopping 6x2 such as Kavee's white C&C grids or black C&C grids! (big enough to sleep in!). Each grid is 35 cm so a 6x2 cage is more than 2 meters long! Make sure you plan ahead to figure out what size is best for you and your guinea pigs, and dedicate a space that works. Of course, it is wonderful to provide a big cage for your guinea pigs and you should always try to get the largest cage possible for your set-up.

2. There are no grids at the bottom of simple C&C cages

You might be surprised to learn that C and C cages do not have any grids at the bottom of their cages. Coroplast is the golden standard for many C&C cages and provides a sturdy base to maintain a flatter surface for your piggies. If you were to use grids at the bottom of the cage, it would create an uneven surface and the coroplast sheet would not fit properly. The only case where grids are placed below the coroplast is for C&C cages with a stand. (Find out more reasons why you should add a stand to your C&C cage).

3. Not all C&C grids are suitable for baby guinea pigs or smaller pigs

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding a C&C cage. Keep in mind that not all C&C supplies are created equal. This is particularly true for DIY materials, which are originally destined to become shelves and not cages. It is therefore important to do your research for what grids will work best for you and your piggies. Be aware that if you have smaller guinea pigs or babies, squared grids, whether 8x8 or 9x9s are NOT suitable as their holes are too big! Kavee’s grids have thin meshing with small holes (now in white c&c grids and black c&c grids), also referred to as baby bars. They are suitable for piggies older than 8 weeks old at least. Of course, it is always recommended to run a test with your own guinea pigs first when choosing any C&C grid as pets all come in different shapes and sizes.

4. Sometimes C and C grids may be hard to put together

When you have selected your C and C cage, you may sometimes find them tricky putting together. Connectors can sometimes cause gaps when putting grids together and you don’t want any of these gaps. To eliminate this problem, a good tip is to listen out for the “clicks” to ensure that they are secure. Don’t be afraid to use a little force when connecting two grids together! However, be sure to hold onto the outer bars of the grids since holding onto the inner bars may result in damage. By following this tip, you will surely be putting your cage together like a C&C pro! (Kavee's Youtube channel offers many tutorials on how to put together a C&C cage).

5. Coroplast is surprisingly thin

You may be thinking, “Whoa! Coroplast is thinner than I expected!”, and you would not be alone in wondering! But, fear not, as the first thing to do is, DON’T PANIC! Coroplast is judged on grammage, which means it is graded on its density and not based on thickness. (A proper grammage for a C&C cage is about 650 mm per square). Simply put, your coroplast base can remain lightweight but also strong and sturdy! How convenient! Coroplast is the golden standard for C and C cages because they are not only sturdy, but easy to clean, waterproof, foldable, and flexible.

6. Sometimes guinea pigs can get the Nibbles

Although this is more common with rabbits, sometimes your guinea pigs may get a bit nibble happy with their coroplast walls. If you find your furry friend chomping away, it may be because they are curious about their new cage, stressed or are simply trying to grab your attention, temporarily. You will be pleased to learn that coroplast is not poisonous to your pets. However, if want to keep your cage in top condition, you can always opt for nibble guards which are thin pieces of transparent hard plastic that slots over the top edges of your coroplast. Kavee now offers nibble guards in all rabbit C&C cage kits and C&C guinea pig cages with ramps. Nibble guards are also available to buy separately. You can read more in this article about chewing coroplast

7. C&C Cages with Stands are a game changer

A stand is a great way to up your C&C game and provides a lot of benefits for you and your piggies. Stands will allow for easier cleaning and good compliance with care. It helps to reduce the need to bend all the way to the ground, especially if you have back issues. Stands can also make it a lot easier to interact with your guinea pigs and aid in taming them: you will be more on their level. As guinea pigs are prey animals, it will be not as frightening for them when they are higher up, instead of being mistaken for a bird of prey when you bend or reach from above. Stands also allow you to create a useful storage area under your cage for ease of access to pellets, cleaning items, or other items of your choosing. (try using storage boxes underneath you cage to create a fun set up!)

8. Super modular grids – modify your C&C cage however you want

Want to change up your cage layout? No problem! With C&C cages, the opportunities are endless! Swap around grids, stack grids and build upwards if you wish, create until your heart’s content. If you need to pack your c and c cage away for travel or, you need to decrease your cage size for whatever reason, you can do this in as little as 5 minutes. All this can be done in a breeze with modular grids and connectors.

9. You are not restricted to your choice of bedding

Though we do not personally use wood shavings or any paper bedding at Kavee, you may decide to opt for one of these choices. C and C cages allow you to pick a bedding option that works best for you and your guinea pigs. Fleece liners for guinea pigs are often chosen by many guinea pig owners as they are eco-friendly (you can wash them), hypo allergenic, super soft and warm. If you prefer to use wood shavings, be sure to dispose the waste in your organic or compost bins.

10. You can use these cages indoors and outdoors

C&C cages owners know no bounds! The possibilities are endless, just as you were to modify your cage. C and C cages allow you to build a run with your modular grids to allow your guinea pigs to safely roam around outside, on a nice day! As the coroplast is waterproof, you will not have to worry if it gets wet. Place your cage where you prefer, when you prefer. Of course, always make sure that your guinea pigs are extra safe from any predator when outside, and always have access to water and shade on a hot day.


We hope you have enjoyed this article. As a bonus, do know that C&C cages are also a wonderful way to express your creativity. You can create a dedicate space tailored to any style or theme you wish. Try placing plants near your cage to create a more natural themed environment for your piggies. Be sure to keep any unsafe plants out of your guinea pigs’ reach. Another creative way to express yourself is through the use of colour. Theme your cage around a particular colour scheme to change things up a little!

C and C cages have a lot of benefits and require certain considerations. We hope that these top 10 points help you before choosing to buy a C&C cage for your guinea pigs!

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