4 reasons to add a stand to your c and c c&c cage kavee uk
With so many options to choose from, you might be wondering whether to pick a C and C cage with a stand or not. In this short article, we share some of the reasons why we think stands are an excellent add-on to your C&C guinea pig cage. 
 guinea pig c&c cc c and c candc cage with stand kavee uk

Reason 1: C&C Cages with a stand make your guinea pigs less stressed 

In the wild, guinea pigs are prey to many predators, including birds of prey. As a reason, guinea pigs tend to panic when someone reaches out to them from above. 
Adding a c and c stand to your cage prevents this, by putting you and your pets at the same level. Guinea pigs kept in a cage with a stand are noticeably less stressed and more easily tamed than if your pen is at floor level. 

Reason 2: C and C Stands greatly improve the user-friendliness of the cage 

If your guinea pig cage is on the floor, you will have to bend down or squat for every interaction with your pigs, and every clean-up. In the long run, this could be not very pleasant and lead to decreased interaction and level of care. 
4x2 C&C cage with double stand rainbow storage boxes and lilac theme for guinea pigs and small pets

Reason 3: C&C Stands create storage space 

Guinea pigs come with a variety of supplies: hay, food, bedding, toys, medicines, etc.. A stand will conveniently create storage space under the C&C cage to put them away. 
6x2 C&C cage with stand and underneath storage space for guinea pigs

Reason 4: C and C cages with a stand look great 

C and C Cages with a stand are impressive and noticeable. Expect to receive many compliments from visitors. There now exists a large variety of baskets and storage bins to place in the stand and prettify the cage.
4x2 C&C cage and double stand with convenient storage space for guinea pigs and small pets
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