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We absolutely love guinea pigs here at Kavee and we think they are the cutest creatures to ever exist! No, we’re not biased at all, that is just a concrete fact.

With their cute fluffy cheeks, and adorable little squeaks, it’s no wonder that there are some guinea pigs out there that have reach social media stardom! Here are some of the most famous guinea pigs we think you should check out!


the lava empire Instagram guinea pigs kavee blog uk


With an impressive 200K followers and counting, there is a real “empire” made with these famous guineas. Featuring Bella, Bianca, Victoria, Frodo, Audrey and Jean Harlow in this amazing guinea pig herd. This “empire” is located in New York City, and is a cage free herd that roams about their piggie parent’s home daily. This account features cute videos in the lives of these adorable piggies. Famous for their “lava is hot” video of cute piggies jumping from carpet to carpet whilst avoiding the floor gap, with over 19K likes. Want tons of guinea pig video content, then this is the account to follow! Who doesn’t want to watch guinea pigs jumping between carpets!?

ludwich the guinea pig instagram kavee blog uk


This handsome fellow is ludwik, a skinny pig with a heartwarming story. Located in Poland, Ludwik was rescued from a pet store, as his owner describes in an article by Nicole Cherruault from Tyla that he was found incredibly skinny and suffering from pneumonia. It soon became apparent that Ludwik would melt hearts, both far and wide, and has garnered thousands of fans with his sweet and photogenic personality! Insta posts of Ludwik include him photographed next to motivational messages, cute props, and fluffy blankets. Ludwik will surely melt your heart just as he has melted ours!

titorenopigs guinea pigs of instagram kavee blog uk


With 133K followers, this guinea pig trio from the Netherlands, boasts being the “Guinea pig capital city of the world”, and for good reason too! Featuring guinea pigs Buff, Wally and Conan, follow their adorable adventures as they run up and down guinea pig bridges outside! You will also find PLENTY of adorable photos of the trio gazing out the window, dawning regal crowns made from carrots, and lovely photos of the piggies bonding with the piggie family! This is one trio of guinea pigs you won’t want to miss.

guinea.winnie.ninny.mini guinea pigs of instagram kavee blog uk


We now will take a look at the adorable guinea pig quad in Australia, with over 26.3K followers! This wonderful account features Winnie, Ninny, Mini, and tiny pig. Their piggie parent states that Winnie is an adopted blind pig, Mini is the daughter of Ninny, and tiny pig was a rescue. Get up close and personal with these adorable piggies and watch as they happily nibble away through fresh fruit and veg during snack time. Watch their floor time antics and daily life posts of these four cuties.

olive and chestnut guinea pigs on instagram kavee blog uk


Located in Hamshire, England, Pig mum, Victoria, captures the daily fun adventures of guinea pigs, olive and chestnut. Popular piggies, Olive and Chestnut, have gained fans worldwide with their amusing poses and gorgeous dream like photos.  Cuddle up with these piggies as you see snapshots of them napping away or, see Olive and Chestnut posing in front of a tree with presents at Christmas. Amusingly find Olive posing on an oven mitt in front of an oven for her “Great british bake off” “audition”. These photogenic, famous, piggie duo have plenty of pig-tures that will make you smile!

TOP GUINEA PIGS OF TIKTOK (Popular and up and coming!)

jemmacatherinex guinea pigs on TikTok kavee blog uk


Also known as @svenandsqueak on Instagram, find fun videos of squeak and chip as they nibble on their favourite snacks and perform zoomies around their cage. Their pigmum mentions in a post, that she started posting about this cute duo during lockdown and people quickly fell in love with how they eagerly followed one another around the home. It’s no wonder that these two cuties received over 1.8 millions likes on TikTok. Chip and Squeak’s pig mum advocates for safe and healthy care for guinea pigs, and hopes to encourage other guinea pig owners to provide the best life possible for their own little ones.

itssmaddyy guinea pigs of TikTok videos kavee blog uk


Ozzy, Owen, George and Grizzly are all guinea pigs to watch out for! Proud Pig mum Maddy has gained over 13.5K followers with over 494 likes for her lovely videos on TikTok of her amazing boys! Watch as Ozzy gives Maddy plenty of cuddles or watch as the piggies eagerly run over for their filling of veggies. She has even created some really great clips of her C&C cage setup, surely to spark some inspiration for your own layout! Happy piggies doing their thing, that’s simply all one can ask for in great guinea pig content.

fluffy pig tok famous guinea pig videos on tiktok


We can’t get enough of Cookie and Cream, and no, we do not mean the popular ice cream choice (yum!). The other popular Cookie and Cream choice is this lyp-syncing, fashionable duo with attitude!
Fuffypigtok describes Cookie and Cream as “two piggie princesses spready happiness” and they do just that with plenty of fun and stylish videos! See Cookie and Cream don cute princess crowns, or “singing” to popular songs. With over 1.8 million likes and 124.4K followers, these girls know how to provide all around guinea pig entertainment. After all, who doesn’t like cookies and cream?

tonytheguineapig1 guinea pig videos on tiktok kavee blog uk


What can’t we say about Tony and Oscar? The loveable tony truly is a star with his adorable cage mate Oscar as they explore the world around them! These piggies love cuddles, as you will often see Tony following his pig mum around the house. Or, watch as Oscar excitingly performs plenty of zoomies in and outside of his cage. It appears these two are big fans of their romaine lettuce and happily munch on their blueberry snacks. These two may be small but they both truly have massive personalities! Be sure to check out Tony and Oscar and why over 10.9 million people have liked their content. 352K followers can’t be wrong with these two can they?


With all these famous and popular guinea pigs listed above, be sure to check out their accounts to see why we, like so many, love their content! Be sure to show your appreciation for their content and give them a follow and a like! But most of all, give your guinea pigs a big cuddle and enjoy the fun and exciting thing they get up to!

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