The Perks of a Proper C&C Cage - Why You Need a Kavee Cage Set Up

We get it - finding the right cage for your precious pets isn’t easy. Pet shops advertise traditional cages (that are much too small!) while the online community shows off DIY masterpieces that require a team of carpenters. So how can you find the right cage for you, without compromising quality or sacrificing hours of snuggle time with your pets? Read on for the best tips and tricks to find the right C&C cage for guinea pigs, decide where to buy C&C cages, and choose your favourite C&C cage designs for guinea pigs!

1. What’s a C&C cage?

If you're wondering, 'Are Kavee cages good?', you'll find this blog useful. Pictured is a c and c cage for guinea pigs with labels for the coroplast sheets for C&C cage, grids, and storage.

C&C cages are handy, spacious habitats for small pets, made from cubes and coroplast - and that’s where the name comes from. The C&C cage designs for guinea pigs have been around for over 40 years, and got very popular with guinea pig and rabbit owners recently. So popular, actually, that small animal experts and vets often recommend these cages as the best option for small animals.

The grid panels, or cubes, are made from powder-coated steel, so they’re pet-proof even if a cheeky cavy chews the bars. These grids link together with connectors to form the base, walls, and lid of the habitat. Coroplast sheets for a C&C cage, or corrugated plastic, are used for the base of the cage and are easy to clean.

The numbers in the cage’s name show how many grids are used for the cage’s exterior. For example, if you get a 6x2 C&C cage for guinea pigs, the cage will be made using 2 grids in width and 6 grids in length. If you choose a cage with a lid or stand, you’ll then add extra grids for those parts. Simple, right?

The space and flexibility of a C&C cage setup is why so many small pet lovers across the world use the flexible, roomy cages to help their companions live better lives!

2. Top reasons to choose a C&C cage

A Kavee cage set up can include lots of nice accessories. Pictured are various fleece and wooden accessories from Kavee's range.

Top tip no. 1. Room to popcorn and binky, and be themselves

Guinea pigs and rabbits around the globe popcorn and binky happily in their C&C grid cage - because they have the space to do so! Traditional pet shop cages are much too small for the active pets who love to run and play. The C&C cage setup provides the room our furry friends need to unfold their fun personalities in full.

Even Kavee’s smaller cages, like the 4x2 C&C cage for guinea pigs recommended for 2 female pigs, are much larger than the minimum cage recommendations in the EU or UK. At Kavee, we know that small pets need room to stay happy and healthy, so we always recommend opting for the largest cage that fits your space.

Top tip no. 2. Recommended by Small Pet Experts

Small animal experts across the globe recommend these cages for our pets, from vets to experienced rescuers and rehomers. Saskia from LA Guinea Pig Rescue (find out more about her work here!) suggests that a Kavee cage set up is ‘GREAT’ for piggies because it gives them the space to exercise and stay healthy.

Many traditional cages consist of plastic base parts that slant inwards, cutting down on your pigs’ much needed living space. It can be so difficult to figure out the real room available to your pets in those cages. With a C&C cage setup, what you see is what you get - a spacious area for your energetic fur babies. No wonder vets and guinea pig experts recommend them!

Top tip no. 3. Flexibility to suit your needs

A C&C grid cage is the building blocks of the small pet world. You can easily adjust the layout by moving, adding, or removing single grid panels. You can make your cavies’ habitat bigger, create compartments, add a stand and lid or even change the shape to fit your space - the ceiling’s the limit!

You can even build a playpen that attaches to the cage. In short, you can adapt the cage to your pets’ needs - and your own - at any point. And the best part? No DIY skills required!

Top tip no. 4. Easy assemble without DIY

Putting together and adapting your C&C cage setup is a child’s play - no DIY expertise or tools required. The cages come with a cut-to-size coroplast base and grids and connectors that fit together neatly. Our video tutorials are full of useful tips and simple step-by-step guides - give them a watch!

And when you’ve built your cage in record time, you can spend more quality time with your furry friends.

Top tip no. 5. Keeping small pets safe

New piggy parents often assume their pets will feel safest near the ground. Small animal experts say the opposite is true! By putting your small pets in a C&C cage with a stand, you can help them get comfortable more quickly - perfect for bonding time with your piggies.

The extra storage is an added bonus: all your piggy accessories and cleaning materials in one spot.

Top tip no. 6. Storage solutions for any space

You can customise your C&C cage setup for guinea pigs to fit your living space. But did you know you can completely disassemble it, too? If you’re travelling or wanting to head outdoors with your pigs, you can take the cage apart and rebuild it wherever you need it. Handy, right?

But the cage isn’t just easy to store, it also offers storage space in your home. A cage on a stand can fit stylish storage boxes for a neater piggy home!

Top tip no. 7. Perfect even for the smallest of pigs

Kavee’s C&C grid cage is carefully constructed with extra thin meshing that keeps even the smallest pigs safe and sound in their new home. Baby guinea pigs as young as 8 weeks can live in a Kavee cage set up.

Do remember to run a test with your own pets - after all, guinea pigs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and levels of mischief!

Top tip no. 8. Enrich your pets’ lives

Guinea pigs are smart, social, and energetic pets… and if they get bored, they can get up to no good. At Kavee, we know that space and enrichment are key to your pets’ wellbeing. That’s why we created adaptable cages that give your piggies something new to explore every day - like a loft you can fill with treats and accessories!

By adding hideys, tunnels, and corner curtains, you can make sure that your pig is busy discovering the different corners of their cage (in between snacking and snoozing, of course). Choose the best for your pigs with a Kavee cage set up.

Top tip no. 9. Cage cleaning day just got so much easier

Cleaning C&C cages is so much easier than traditional pet shop cages. The open top allows pet parents to reach every corner of the cage with ease. And the base is made from solid coroplast sheets for the C&C cage, which are quick to wipe down.

And a few extras make life with a C&C grid cage even more efficient. Reaching those cage corners becomes even easier with a cage on a stand - and your pigs are closer to you for bonding time. Rotating cage doors and lids also keep your pets safe in their habitat, without bothering you on cage cleaning day.

Top tip no. 10. A style to match your home

Long gone are the days of boring pet shop cages that are an eyesore in your home. Make your piggy palace part of your home décor - stylish and practical in one with these C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs!

Kavee’s C&C cages are available with white or black grids and even with transparent panels, so your pets can enjoy watching you as much as you enjoy watching them. You can also get the coroplast sheets for the C&C cage, fleece liners, and accessories in a wealth of designs and colours to fit your aesthetic. Now you have only one dilemma: which C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs do you like best?

3. Assembling a C&C cage

C&C cage designs for guinea pigs vary greatly. Pictured are C&C grid cage elements: a grid panel, a connector, and the coroplast base.

Putting your Kavee cage set up together is much simpler than you think. All cage elements are tailored to each other, so it’s just a matter of connecting the grids and adding the coroplast sheets for your C&C cage to the mix. There’s no need for tools or a degree in DIY - these cages are suitable for all small pet parents.

You can find a simple step-by-step guide here and lots of video tutorials:

And if you want to add custom elements to your cage, don’t forget to share your favourite C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs with the Kavee Kommunity.

4. What kinds of C&C cages are there?

If you're wondering, 'Are Kavee cages good?', then the answer is in this picture. Pictured are various grid panels for C&C cage, showing the size of meshing. Kavee's grids are the safest for guinea pigs.

All C&C cages are made from cubes, also known as grids, and coroplast as the base. So they’re all the same, right? Not at all! Between different brands, size, material, and quality vary a great deal. So what C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs should you be looking for?

The grids or cubes for these cages can be different heights, have different mesh spacing, and even different coating. All of these points are important for the safety of your pets. If the mesh spacing is too big, could your pet get stuck in it? If the grids are too small, could your pet jump out of the cage? If the paint on the grids is toxic, will your pets get sick?

The coroplast base can also become a hazard for your precious pet. Sharp edges and toxic material can hurt the small furries.

To keep your beloved pets safe, it’s important to check carefully where to buy c&c cages from. Let’s find out how!

5. Top tips for a top quality C&C cage

Now that we know not all C&C cages are made equal, how can we make sure you pick the right C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs? Consider carefully where to buy your c&c cages from with these tips!

The first thing to pick is the cage size for your herd, and we’ve got a little something to help you decide.

Pictured is a graphic to help piggy parents choose the right c and c cage for a guinea pig based on the amount of pigs they have and their lifestyle.

Next, make sure the grids are the right size and mesh spacing for your pets. Kavee cage grids are made with thin, rectangular meshing, so your piggies can’t get stuck in them. Rectangular meshing is a hazard, especially for baby pigs, and should be avoided wherever possible.

Coroplast sheets for a C&C cage also come in various sizes and qualities. If you want a solid and lightweight base, it’s important to pick the right density, or grammage. The ideal grammage is around 650 mm per square, so the base is strong yet flexible. Kavee’s coroplast sheets are cut to your cage’s size with lock-in slots, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or an ill-fitting cage base for your cage. We’ve also made sure that our cage bases are low enough for all piggies to see the world around them.

The materials are also key for a safe small pet habitat. Paint can be toxic for our furry friends, especially when they tend to explore the world with their mouth. That’s why Kavee cages use a non-toxic paint and coroplast that won’t harm your guinea pigs.

6. Making your cage a home

C&C cage designs for guinea pigs include lots of accessories. Pictured are Kavee's wooden accessories, including a guinea pig castle, a guinea pig bed, and a wooden hay rack.

Now that you’ve picked the perfect cage for your precious pets, you can select the right accessories to make it a piggy palace. The first thing to consider: bedding. There are different types of bedding for small pets, and we believe that fleece liners are the best option for your pets and you. The absorbent fleece layers keep your piggies nice and dry, especially when used alongside pee pads, while giving them a soft snooze spot. They’re also easy to clean and reusable, so in the long run, fleece liners will save you money and reduce your pets’ carbon pawprint. Plus, they come in fun, adorable, and stylish designs, so you can customise the cage to fit your aesthetic!

Next, your pigs like a hiding spot or two, and there’s a wide range of options for you here. Whether it’s fleece hideys, the royal treatment with a wooden castle, or a corner curtain, your pigs will love popcorning from one to the next.

And while you’re sorting the interior design of your piggy palace, make sure to add accessories that allow your pigs to rediscover their home every day. Wooden or fleece tunnels, cuddle cups, and a piggy bed with pillows enrich your pets’ lives, so make sure to take a look at a range of accessories!

Finally, there are some practical elements you may want to add to your cage, like a water bottle and hay bag. And you’re ready to go!

7. C&C cage care

If you're wondering, 'Are Kavee cages good?', then the answer is yes! Pictured are cleaning products, a fleece liner, and a laundry bag, all of which are important for cage maintenance.

Now that your cage is put together and set up, you may be wondering how to clean and maintain your cage. To make sure you and your pets are getting the most out of your new cage, you can set up a rigorous cleaning routine. Most piggy parents spot-clean their cage every day, removing leftover food, piggy poop, and swapping out pee pads. A full cage clean is needed every 4 to 5 days, all depending on the number of pigs and type of bedding you have. Remember: if the cage is smelly, it’s past the point of needing a clean.

Fleece liners and accessories can simply go in the wash with a laundry bag.

And the coroplast sheets for your C&C cage can be wiped down with a pet-friendly disinfectant, quick and easy! A clean cage leads to happier, healthier pets.

8. Meet the Kavee crew!

Kavee has been helping small parents make life better for their companions since 2017. Let us tell you the origin story of our award-winning small pet brand!

Pictured is Kavee CEO and founder Clementine Schouteden with a guinea pig and a c and c cage for the guinea pig.

When our founder Clementine fell head over paws for her beloved guinea pigs Bagpipe and Livingstone, she couldn’t find cages and accessories that put the pets’ needs first. So she decided to develop her own popcorn-worthy piggy products - and that’s how Kavee was born.

9. Why are Kavee cages the best?

Unsure where to buy your C&C cages? Are Kavee cages good for your little pets? We definitely think so! Let us tell you a bit more about our small pet products…

If you're still not sure, 'Are Kavee cages good?' then the company values will convince you. Pictured are Kavee's values about outstanding products, challenging the status quo, being fun and supportive, working with underprivileged communities, and celebrating animal heroes.

Kavee was built on strong values from the beginning. We aim to help small pet parents care for happy, healthy pets with educational content and exceptional products. Only the best materials are good enough for our little friends, so each of our products goes through several rounds of testing for cavy-savviness.

From day one, Clementine set out to make a positive social impact with Kavee and uplift animal welfare champions who improve the lives of small furries. We also work with underprivileged communities, including workers with special needs. Every parcel you receive from us has been skillfully packed by a worker with a disability. By joining the Kavee Kommunity, you’re helping us make a positive impact around the globe!

Today, we ship Kavee products around the world and receive wonderful feedback from small pet parents everywhere. Our award-winning company keeps growing, with more knowledgeable small pet parents joining the Kavee crew all the time. We’re excited about bringing innovative products to piggy parents that solve real issues, and the pets’ welfare is always our priority - so you can be sure that our C&C grid cage is top quality!

Pictured is the Kavee crew at a social.

And we don’t stop there. As the Kavee Kommunity continues to grow, we keep up with their lifestyles. Originally a guinea pig brand, Kavee is making the move to other small animal products and offering real solutions for binkying bunnies and their parents now. Hoppin’ fantastic!

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