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Louise Baty
By Louise Baty, pigmum to Magic and Ruby


Maybe it’s time to embrace a softer cage lining for your piggies.

guinea pig on wood shavings kavee

For many years, there was only really one bedding option available to guinea pig parents.

Wood shavings.

Cheap and absorbent, shavings were long accepted as the ‘go to’ litter for piggy cages.

A simple solution?


But the truth is that there have always been downsides to this traditional cage lining method.

‘Like what?’ we hear you ask. 

Well, shavings can be messy - especially if your popcorning piggy dislodges a pile of them onto the floor below their cage.

Then there’s the dust that some shavings produce during use, even if they’re labelled as ‘dust extracted’ - not ideal considering piggies can be susceptible to respiratory infections or if any of the humans in your home have allergies.

Another thing to consider is that some shavings also contain nasty chemicals that can cause health issues for piggies.

Thankfully, these days, we have more choices when it comes to buying bedding for our furry friends.

And recently, more piggy parents have been choosing to ditch wood shavings and embrace another cage lining option. 


Yes, really!

It may sound strange - especially if you’ve always used traditional cage bedding. Trust us, though, because padded fleece liners make complete sense.

Fleece - a fluffy man made fabric - is actually pretty darn clever.  

Shall we explain?

Here comes the science bit…

Fleece is a highly absorbent fabric with ‘wicking’ properties. Wicking is the process of transporting liquid through away from the surface through to lower layers of the fabric.

Kavee fleece liners - which are made specifically to fit Kavee C&C cages - are made from two layers of fleece - a smooth surface layer on top and a thicker, fluffy layer below called sherpa fleece. Pee is drawn into the padding, leaving the fleece liner surface cosy and fresh for days. 

detail multilayer fleece liner guinea pig kavee

This ingenious process keeps your piggies comfortable, without causing any of the mess or other drawbacks associated with wood shavings. 

Pretty revolutionary, right?

We reckon it’s time more piggy parents realised just how great fleece liners could be for their fur babies!

Read on for more reasons why piggy owners are swapping from wood shavings to fleece. 

Fleece is easy to clean

Did you know that guinea pigs can poop around 100 times a day? Yes, really. But don’t worry because cleaning is actually more straightforward when you use fleece liners. Just keep on top of spot cleaning (regularly removing those adorable little poops) and then all you have to do is whip off stray strands of hay before chucking your used fleece into a Kavee laundry bag and popping it in your washing machine. It’s important to prepare your fleece liner before its first use by washing and drying it to activate the fabric’s wicking properties. Generally, fleece liners should be changed around every four days but liners can last longer between washes with careful management

Fleece is super snuggly

snuggly fleece liner kavee guinea pig cage

Guinea pigs are cosy little snugglers at heart. After a hectic time popcorning and scampering around the cage, foraging for tasty treats, they love to cuddle down on a padded fleece lining for a well-earned snooze. It’s worth considering that fleece liners are much softer than wood shavings on your piggies’ sensitive little tootsies, reducing the risk of them developing nasty ailments such as bumblefoot.

Fleece is purse friendly

We’ll hold our hands up here and say that, right at the beginning, fleece liners may seem like a more expensive option than other bedding. But bear in mind that fleece liners can be washed and reused time and time again. Being able to reuse your guinea pig’s cage liner repeatedly makes perfect financial sense, unlike using wood shavings which have to be replaced regularly. Put simply, you’ll have to buy wood shavings on repeat for as long as you have your guinea pigs but you’ll only need to buy each fleece liner once. In this article, we have calculated that fleece liners will help you save as much as several hundred pounds each year!

Fleece is hygienic 

As we’ve already mentioned, so long as you keep on top of spot cleaning all those tiny poops, fleece is a perfectly clean option for your guinea pigs. In contrast, just because poops tend to get buried underneath wood shavings doesn’t mean that they’re not still there, lurking in your piggy’s cage until you clean it out! Nasty whiffs should be a thing of the past with fleece too because fleece liners are so efficient at absorbing urine.

Fleece is hypo-allergenic

If you or any member of your family suffer from allergies, the dust from wood shavings - even the ‘dust extracted’ kind - can cause respiratory flare ups and skin irritations. Guinea pigs are also prone to nasty dust related infections. With fleece liners, you’ll minimise dust in the air, meaning that it’s an excellent allergy conscious choice for you and your piggies. Fleece liners are also odour-free and non-toxic.

Fleece is kind to the environment

If you’re environmentally aware, fleece liners should appeal to your values. As you can reuse them, they produce much less waste than disposable bedding options such as wood shavings. It’s also better to dry your liners naturally on the line if possible as tumble drying can shrink the fleece, which means that you’ll be using less electricity. So let’s save the planet, one fleece liner at a time.

Fleece liners look fabulous

floral fleece liner kavee guinea pig cage

Calling all style mavens. If you’re image conscious and want your piggies’ home to match the rest of your decor, look no further! Kavee Cage fleece liners come in a range of uber fashionable designs. Funky florals, anyone? How about on-trend rainbow stripes or monochrome cow print? The choice is endless and you can even choose matching hammocks, pee pads, hideys and storage cubes! We’re pretty sure you’ll find your fleece design tribe here

Fleece liners

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