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There are few things consistently triggering guinea pigs to popcorn, but cleaning their cage is one of them (another reliable way is to upgrade to a super large guinea pig cage!) 

Cleaning a C&C cage is not very different from cleaning other types of guinea pig cages. Yet, some features of C and C cages make them much easier to clean. 

So let's dive in with this step-by-step guide to cleaning your C&C cage. 

How to clean C&C guinea pig cages? 

Step 1: If your C and C cage has a lid, open the cover fully and keep it wide open during the entire operation. If your C and C cage has no top, cleaning is simplified, and you can jump directly to step 2. 

Step 2: Remove your guinea pigs from the cc cage and place them in a temporary spot where they can be safe. Bear in mind that during the cleaning of your C&C cage, they can pee and poop, so make sure that you always place them on an absorbing material (Fleece liners are perfect for this purpose). 

Step 3: Remove all your C and C cage accessories: house, water bottle, hay rack, food bowls, etc.. 

Step 4: Using a dustpan and brush, remove the bedding and discard poop and hay waste. If you have a backyard, keep this waste in a compost bin: it will fertilize your flowers or veg beds while reducing the overall volume of waste you send to landfill. If you use disposable bedding such as wood shavings, dispose of them (again a compost heap is ideal, if not please dispose of them in the organic waste bin). If you use reusable bedding such as fleece cage liners, put them aside until the next opportunity to wash them arises. 

Step 5: Clean the coroplast sheet using a mild detergent. You can use various cleansers to clean your correx sheets: soap and hot water, dishwashing liquid, multi-cleaner detergent, or even white vinegar if you are eco-conscious. Or try our No-Non Scents cage cleaner to easily and safely spray all dirt away. Do not use too much fluid; simply wipe the coroplast with a wet rag. Please note that guinea pigs do not appreciate the strong artificial smell of detergents, that’s why we have designed ours with 0% added scents. So if you’re using other cleaning products with strong scents, use them sparingly. 

If you have clear panels on the front of your guinea pigs cage, don't forget to give them a gentle wipe to remove any finger prints of debris.

Step 6: Dry the coroplast base with a clean rag. The cage is now ready to be set-up again. 

Step 7: Clean and refill your guinea pigs' bottles, hay racks and food bowls. 

Step 8: Place some clean bedding onto the coroplast base and put back all your C&C cage accessories in place. 

Step 9: Bring back your guinea pigs in their C and C cage and watch the show as their popcorn their happiness away! 

If your piggy ever makes a mess in-between one full clean and the other, you can also easily wipe the dirt off with our pet-friendly Wheeky Clean Cage Wipes.

How to clean C&C cages with a loft and a ramp? 

If your C and C cage has a correx loft and a ramp, take them away after you have removed your guinea pigs from the cage. Clean them following the instructions in step 5 and put everything back into place. 

Tips & tricks on making the cleaning of your C and C cage easier 

Here are a few tips to make cleaning your C&C cage easier.

First, open C&C cages are much easier to clean, since you don't have to handle a lid to take or place back items in the cage. As a reminder, a top is necessary if you believe any danger can get to your guinea pigs like dogs, cats, or young children. 

Second, a C&C cage with stand makes cleaning a lot easier. Why? You can access the cage without breaking your back and bending down to the cage. Many of our customers acknowledge that since getting a stand, they are more inclined to clean their cage, therefore making their pigs happier!  

Third, your bedding choice has a significant influence on the amount of time you spend cleaning the cage. With fleece liners, a C&C guinea pig cage clean can take as little as 5 minutes, since you don't have to track down every single piece of wood shaving. 

Finally, while loft & ramp add space and fun to the C&C cages, they do add one extra step to the cleaning process, as indicated above. 

With this in mind, consider your options and make the best choice. Always bear in mind that guinea pigs are entitled to a clean cage at all times. This is extremely critical to their health and well-being. Ideally, you should be able to tend to your guinea pig cage at least every other day. 

Happy cleaning!

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