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Guinea pigs and rabbits are incredibly curious creatures! It is only natural for them to explore their environment, especially if they are in a new cage. That being said, sometimes you may find that they love their new cage a little too much and they end up nibbling the correx of their C&C cageIf this happens, don’t panic, as we have a few tips and tricks to help keep your guinea pig’s or rabbit's C&C cage in tip top shape!

Is it dangerous for my guinea pig/rabbit to chew coroplast?

The most pressing question a lot of pet owners have is, “is chewing coroplast safe for my pet”? You’ll be relieved to know that this is not dangerous! Kavee’s coroplast is non-toxic and indigestible, so if you do notice chew marks, you will be pleased to know that coroplast will not cause any ill-effects. In fact, coroplast has been used for years within the guinea pig and rabbit community and there have been no reports of adverse effects.

Why do guinea pigs and rabbits chew correx?

why do guinea pigs or rabbits chew coroplast in C and C cages kavee blog uk

Although most common in rabbits, if you do find your guinea pig has been chewing their coroplast base, it may be due to a couple of reasons.

Reason #1 : Guinea pigs and rabbits will often nibble their cage if they are curious.

Often a new environment will cause your guinea pig some temporary curiosity as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Reason #2 : Your guinea pig/rabbit is bored. 

Guinea pigs can also chew their cage as a way to kill time. 

Reason #3 : Your guinea pig/rabbit is hungry. 

Guinea pigs can also chew their cage if they want you to hand over that tasty lettuce leaf you just took out of the fridge!

Reason #4 : Your guinea pig/rabbit is trying to get your attention!

Chewing their cage is likely to result in getting your attention and they learn that very quickly!  

Reason #5: Your guinea pig/rabbit is trying to get some out of the cage time.

This is particularly true for rabbits. You may find that they nibble their cage right in front of the door. In this case, the message is very clear! 

What can I do if my guinea pig is chewing their coroplast?

First of all, you may recognize that the chewing is is often targeted in one area. Guinea pigs will often tend to chew their coroplast of their ramp. Rabbits on the other hand will often chew where their door entrance is, often to request time out of the cage. However, there are always exceptions as no two piggies or rabbits are a like! Additionally, it is likely that this behaviour will fade away after a few days, if it is triggered by curiosity. 

However, you do want to take action immediately to keep your cage in pristine condition. Here are some solutions that you may find helpful:

Solution #1 : Cover the coroplast edges immediately with nibble guards 

Nibble guards are an effective way to protect your coroplast base from a nibbling guinea pig or rabbit! Nibble guards are thin pieces of transparent hard plastic that slots over the top edges of your coroplast. As the guard is a tough and thick material, your guinea pig will be discouraged from chewing further. Kavee includes nibble guards for free in all rabbit C&C cages and guinea pig C&C cages with loft and ramp. They are also available to purchase on the side if you need extra. 

C&C cage nibble guards for guinea pig coroplast correx chewing nibble kavee uk

 Nibble guards by Kavee

Solution #2: Provide your guinea pig with more floor time

If you find your guinea pig chewing their cage, this may be a sign of boredom. To help prevent low mood and frustration in your guinea pig, it is highly recommended to provide your guinea pig with floor time. This gives your piggies a chance to explore and focus their energy in a more productive way. Floor time can help keep your piggies healthy and happy and as a result, spend less time chewing their coroplast!

Solution #3: Provide chewable, safe toys for guinea pigs

Unlike humans, guinea pig teeth are constantly growing: that’s why it is important that they have plenty of things to help keep their teeth in check. In addition to providing your piggies with plenty of hay, you should also consider providing your guinea pigs with safe toys to chew on. Untreated wood sticks or other safe chewable toys will help keep your guinea pigs' teeth not only healthy, but occupied as well! Try willow balls or willow sticks, wooden blocks, or even cardboard boxes!

Solution #3: Socialize and bond with your guinea pigs

Ultimately, a simple and effective tool you already have is, yourself! Try increasing the amount of time you spend socializing with your piggies! This can help prevent boredom and will also allow you to better understand their behavior. By bonding with your guinea pigs, you can identify any aspects of their environment or social interactions that could be causing them stress. As stated above, stress and boredom can lead to coroplast chewing.

By monitoring your guinea pig, you will have a better understanding of them, and, better yet, it is also a great way to monitor their overall health at the same time!


There is no 'one solution fits all' when it comes to chewing correx but we hope this article provides you with some pointers. If you notice your small pet chewing their coroplast base, you should take actions immediately. By using nibble guards, wooden toys, and increased floor time, you will be able to prevent this habit from developing further.

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